Today, I discovered a YouTube video that primarily featured someone discussing a topic—essentially a podcast. However, the recording wasn't available in podcast format. Instead of using youtube-dl to copy the audio file to my device, I searched for a simpler method. Surprisingly, I found an incredibly straightforward solution that made me wonder why I hadn't come across it earlier.

First, you need to sign up for Huffduffer. Next, take the URL of the YouTube video to huffduff-video. Once the download and conversion at huffduff-video are complete, it automatically redirects you to Huffduffer. The final step involves obtaining the RSS feed URL from Huffduffer (e.g.,<username>/rss) and adding it to your preferred Podcast app.

That's it. :)

Bonus: If you have any other audio files publicly available on the internet, you can also add those to Huffduffer and listen to them in your Podcast app without having to deal with local files.

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