• Reconfiguring Your Life To Amplify Sources Of Value - YouTube
    An interesting prediction Cal Newport makes here. I'm curious to see whether these will actually come true in the next few years. Personally, I don't think the probability is low.

  • The SAFe Delusion – Information for decision-makers considering the SAFe framework
    From my point of view we have an inflation of frameworks in the IT industry. Be it programming, project management or other frameworks. Don't get my wrong it's very useful to have an orientation when you start to conquer a new domain. On the other hand I've seen to many people literally just sticking with the book. Any deviation is not tolerated in these cases even though it would be beneficial for the business outcome. Therefore I really like the approach of having the right information at hand to then make an informed decision on choosing a framework.

  • Things your manager might not know
    Managing up often has a bad connotation. But from my point of view there is nothing wrong in providing your manager the right information an the right time. This article explains when and how one can do that especially to improve the overall outcome of your team.

  • xahteiwi.eu – Scaling the flat organization
    A flat hierarchy is appealing to many. It provides a feeling of equality. But looking at organizational costs of such a structure it becomes quite obvious that it won't scale well above a certain threshold. Proven with the help of some simple math.

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