Weekly CW12

This edition of my weekly is a little bit late not because of Corona but instead I simply forgot it because I'm on holiday (at home).

Year after year since I'm working in IT I keep on reading stories about how awesome VIM is. Nevertheless I never got into it mostly I guess because I have been a Windows user most of the time. But I'm still curious to get into it even more lately because of WSL2 which makes all Linux tooling available for Windows users. Interesting to read why and how others are using VIM: »Confession: I'm a Vim user«

The combination of Kubernetes and KEDA as an extension is really powerful. Even more impressive it is to see a demo like »KubeView & Keda Demo« by Ben Coleman.

I guess almost everyone knows WD-40. Therefore I think it is quite interesting to read »The History Of WD-40 Is Stranger Than You Think And No This Isn't Sponsored Content I Just Thought It Was Weird«.

Trying to get started with Power Platform? Then Tracy van der Schyff wrote something for you. »Power Platform: What How When & Why« is a really good high level introduction on the platform.

But most importantly for this weeks edition is: #StayTheFHome

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