Weekly CW10

Talking about monitoring or observability? Have a look at »Observability is a Many-Splendored Definition«. You should no longer be talking about monitoring but instead about observability.

Trying to understand how you need to do authentication using Power Platform's CDS? Then have a look at »How to authenticate your code with Azure Active Directory and Common Data Service« by Jens Christian Schrøder.

»How to merge two or multiple git repositories into one« was a huge time saver for me last week because I needed to merge two different Git repositories. As I had done this never before this article was a big time saver for me.

Dona Sarkar who is a always recommendation to follow on twitter, if you are interested in #PowerPlatform, tweeted about a great demo by Chris Huntingford. He demoes end to end how to built a complete application using #PowerPlatform in 45 minutes.

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