Weekly CW06

Even though "Diving into Durable Entities" is a little bit older (September 2019) it is still a great introduction to Durable Entities in Durable Functions v2.

Using Azure API Management you can publish and manage your APIs. "How to publish your APIs with the new developer portal in Azure API Management" shows how to do this. Using Azure Functions together with Azure API Management is especially great because this way you can expose your Azure Functions as an API using OpenAPI to use them in Power Apps.

Looking for guidance on starting a greenfield project using React + .NET Core? Then you should definitely have a look at "Choosing a “Modern” React.js + .Net Core Stack" by jeremydmiller.

This weeks highlight is definitely "SameSite Cookies In A Nutshell". One might be thinking how this can be a highlight but this topic will become very important in the next days/weeks. After reading this article you will understand why. You should also have a look at the linked articles on SameSite cookies changes in Chrome 80+.

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