Weekly CW04

This one is a thing which I still need to watch myself. Nevertheless I'm going to recommend it anyways. How authentication works for the web and apps in the modern enterprise - This is a fantastic 35min split across 6 videos.

Unfortunately John Feminella does not allow to view his threads in Thread Reader. Apart from this fact you should have definitely a look at this thread: "As of today, we have about eighteen years to go until the Y2038 problem occurs....". In addition you should then have a look at this one: "Thread by @Foone: re: the 2020 bug because of bad y2k fixes..." I guess there will be some work upcoming in the next years because of the year 2038 problem.

Keeping your Azure Function private is a good thing in an enterprise context. Therefore have a look at "Azure Functions Private Site Access" by Michael S. Collier.

Improving you as a person is as important or might be even more important as improving your professional skills. To improve you as a person who might be suffering from Impostor Syndrome you should view this great TEDx Talk from Dona Sarkar: "The Imposter Syndrome Banishing Spell".