Weekly CW03

This weeks Weekly edition unfortunately is a litte bit delayed. This week was kind of stressful and on Thursday evening it simply forgot to write it.

If you are using Microsoft Authenticator for MFA to protect your account, what you definitely should do, you maybe have been asking yourself how to transfer this app to a new device. Toni Pohl wrote a nice guide on how to transfer you authenticator app to a new device: How to setup the MFA App Authenticator app on a new device for a specific Azure AD

Priyesh Wagh wrote a useful guide on how to "Create new Sandbox and copy Production over to it in PowerPlatform Admin Center". This one is quite useful if you are working on Power Platform.

Security is always important. Why not start the year even it is already some weeks old with a review of "Top ten best security practices for Azure today". Really helpful session from last years Microsoft Ignite.

Async/await is a constant question in the .NET community. The article "ConfigureAwait FAQ" deals in particular with ConfigureAwait which continues to draw questions in this context.

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