Weekly CW01

If your New Years resolution is to get started with Microsoft Azure Donovan Brown tweeted about this article: HOW TO LEARN MICROSOFT AZURE IN 2020. You will get an overview what and where you can learn on Azure. In addition you can have a look at this video: Learn what you can do with an Azure free account

Tobi Lutke pointed at "The Value of Grey Thinking". I must admit that several years ago I was also often trapped in black and white thinking. But especially in IT it is important to think "grey" to find solutions for problems. The article provides a good foundation why you should also try to be better at thinking grey.

Interesting approach provided by Oren Eini. He describes how to minimize friction when setting up a new (software) project. "Proper software architecture for a new project" basically describes from my point of view kind of a combination of MVP and a Scrum like approach.

Nadeeja Bomiriya wrote a good guide how to handle Dynamics 365 Release Management. "[Best Practices] Dynamics 365 Release Management " explains furthermore which stakeholders need to be informed during such a release.

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