Since Microsoft Ignite took place this year I was thinking of how to explain the term Citizen Developer to someone. I think my colleague Paul Heisterkamp wrote something (Link) which pretty much nailed it.

Citizen Developer/Every developer Figure: Citizen Developer/Every developer

Nevertheless I have some additions to the beforementioned text. From my point of view Pro Developers/Enterprise Developers in this context should focus on delivering kind of Lego bricks (in a way of building blocks which can be stacked together) to the Citizen Developers so that they can create a solution for their specific problem.

In addition Pro Developers/Enterprise Developers should also focus on building new skills which can't be automated in the future. But what are skills which can't be automated in the future? The article Are You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated? pretty much sums it up from my point of view even though not especially for developers.

After reading the article in my opinion Pro Developers/Enterprise Developers should always focus on creating solutions which add business value and moreover understand what problems people are trying to solve.
Therefore they should aid their colleagues/customers which are Citizen Developers by understanding their needs and providing solution blocks so that they can then create solutions as mentioned before for their problems on their own.

What do you think on this interpretation and outlook for the future of (Pro/Enterprise) developers?

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