From my point view anyone working in a field where one needs to keep their knowledge up to date needs to embrace lifelong learning. Upgrade your learning + an example study plan for data structures and algorithms shows a great strategy how you can improve your learning game. #AlwaysBeLearning

Azure Functions got some new features. Jeremy Likness shows how you can facilitate all these features in his blog post Serverless HTTP With Durable Functions.

Very interesting read on the top 10 areas of app development which are being reshaped by Power Apps. Power Apps Top 10: innovation areas that are reshaping app development.

Just a month after Hacktoberfest Microsoft Azure Functions announces its #25DaysOfServerless challenge. You can find all the details here: Introducing #25DaysOfServerless, an Azure Functions Challenge

Baseline of The epistemology of software quality is the following quote:

You could make people feel like they’re important, because people are important. No method, tool, or language matters nearly as much as our own minds.

Interested in knowing what happens inside your brain when you feel stressed? Valentin Sawadski has written a nice sum up and some more effects in his article Brain Chemistry For Developers - What exactly is happening in your brain that makes you feel stressed, happy and tired at work?

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