As mentioned last week I still attended more sessions at Microsoft Ignite. So following the remaining sessions which I attended and I would recommend to anyone interested in latest Microsoft technology.

I attended more session but from my point of view these sessions would be only interesting for people who currently want to dive deeper into the Power Platform.

Nevertheless here are some more interesting things which I found this week.

It is always good if you can name things when trying to improve them. This is even more important when you are trying to refactor code. Refactoring - What problem on your code do you want to fix? explains which common patterns can often be found before starting to refactor.

The one mistake I made as a developer I wished I learned sooner goes in detail why it is important to protect your time and how you can achieve this.

I think that the characteristics mentioned in Seven Common Characteristics of Creative Thinkers are very useful especially for developers. I think so because from my point of view developing software is kind of a creative skill because often you need to find a solution for something which hasn't been done before.

Having a basic understanding of how a server works is a invaluable thing for a developer at least from my point of view. The introduction to servers I wish I'd had is a great introduction how you can get a better understanding of servers.

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