Following a discussion on Jeff Holland tweeted about a very nice and helpful extension for VS Code. REST Client which allows you to send HTTP request and view the response in Visual Studio Code directly.

14 VSCode Extensions That Will Improve Your Productivity provides another 14 useful extensions for VS Code. From this list Bracket Pair Colorizer is my personal favourite.

In addition I want to provide another favorite of mine which I recently discovered. Git Graph enables you to see a nice graph of the commit history directly from VS Code.

Coding practices your future self will love you for - Most of this should be common knowledge when developing applications but especially for beginners it is very useful to read this summed up in one article.

From my point of view it is important that developers even when they are working with some kind of ORM have a basic understanding of how a database is working internally. published an article which links to all their SQL101 articles. Even though these articles cover topics which are mainly useful when doing database administration there are gems like SQLskills SQL101: Indexing Basics which can be very useful when dealing with performance issues in your application.

I guess there are three types of discussions between developers which will never come to an end. Using tabs or spaces, Vim or Emacs and which font to use in your editor of choice. Microsoft has added another font (Cascadia Code) to the latter discussion. For a font it has some nice features like programming ligatures, it is monospaced and more importantly it is open source.

There Is No "Right" Way: Git Rebase vs Merge sums up that there is most of the time no right or wrong way to do something. It all depends on your workflow and the environment you are working in.

If you are interested in distributed transaction architecture you should definitely look at the Webinar: Comparing Distributed Transaction Architectures for the Cloud Era. Florian Haas tweeted this.

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