Being on holiday for two weeks I had to skip publishing a weekly in CW 39 & 40. But unfortuately due to my vacation the stack of things to read simply piled up. Having almost no free time I couldn't read all articles in my pile. Need to do this in the next week.

API Testing Guide for Automation Success - Great introduction to API testing. The article describes how and why API testing should be done.

Recently I discovered the content platform In contrast to other platforms like the goal of is not centralizing all the content but providing a platform where individual content can even be cross-posting from your personal blog is welcome. Due to the huge amount of content which is published for me personally it is hard to find the real treasures buried there. Nevertheless I found a series of articles which tries to explain how, where and when application developers can start to improve security in their applications in the context of SDLC (software development life cycle).

Pushing Left, Like a Boss: Part 1

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